If you choose to outsource sales with us, you will get fully qualified and trained pharmaceutical sales representatives who will gladly and effectively represent your products on the market, and in doing so will significantly save you time and money.

All team members have been working in the field of pharmaceutical products for many years, and they all boast plenty of experience with support in this industry area. They are trained to acquire both sales as well as marketing skills so as to meet the needs and requirements of our partners.

We offer expertise, quality, a cooperative attitude and swift results seen in your business, thanks to our work.

Transfer orders made by our sales team are implemented either by means of electronic transfer orders or through an assistant, and the orders are then covered by a required distributor. We cooperate with all significant distributors in both the Slovak and Czech Republics.

We offer you the possibility to utilise our wealth of experience with direct sales of pharmaceutical products and product lines in pharmacies and pharmacy chains. Along with our sophisticated presentations, we manage to effectively influence the target audience and sell our products successfully despite a developing pharmaceutical market. We also offer the launch of new products as well as test sales of your new products.

Communicating with doctors

We consider vital the direct communication with doctors along with the support we provide in pharmacies to enhance the visibility of your products.

Veterinary doctors

We cooperate with veterinary doctors, and distribute veterinary products and material directly to veterinary out-patient clinics.

Alternative sales channels

We always look for alternative sales channels if a specific product requires such a process.