Marketing is instrumental when it comes to motivating the target audience to buy products. We believe the presentation of products of our partner is enormously important. Therefore, part of our work is to dispatch promotional materials, deal with claims, and provide merchandising as well as other marketing activities implemented in the points of purchase – pharmacies, healthcare facilities.

We will organise promo-events for your products in pharmacies and healthcare facilities. An active offer implemented directly in pharmacies raises awareness of your brand and has an imminent impact on the sales of your product. Large-scale distribution by our representatives will represent you in a great number of pharmacies every day as well as ensure your product will enter as many pharmacies too.

Event marketing in pharmaceutical business

We will arrange representation of your products at exposition, seminars, congresses and other relevant pharmaceutical events, as well as mediate other marketing services for attractive conditions.

We will take care of:

  • presentation staff
  • creation of a presentation and its moderation
  • production of video-presentations, webinars, virtual seminars for pharmaceutical specialists
  • production of discussion forums, pharmaceutical conferences
  • lifestyle events or events to support direct sale of your products

Marketing communication

We have long-term experience with marketing communication activities designed for the pharmaceutical industry market:

  • Packing design (packing, labelling, cartons) for your products
  • Graphic design, production and distribution of samples
  • Creation of presentation materials (printed material, POS, POP media)
  • Creation and production of ATL or BTL campaigns
  • Effective purchase of media space

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